21 Months

For the last 21 months, I am almost always active in Facebook. I started this mission on 1 November 2014. We just started going public with e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). I have written at least 300 hundred posts per month in Facebook and thus, I have written 6,000+ posts or may be even more.

Many people know me for my Facebook activities. When I call for any adda or any program, at least 30 persons join from different parts of Dhaka and sometimes from even Chittagong.

I have tried to keep two things- honesty and consistency. I always tried to stay from bhejal and instead tried to create a network on dosto dosto gosto feeling. So, I am not a celebrity in Facebook but I have got real trust and respect from many persons.

I am good at writing but I never used any marketing tactics to attract people or become popular. Instead, I wrote from my heart and I tried for e-CAB as purely as possible. Because of it, many companies have joined e-CAB and many people now know me and respect me.

21 Months ago, I was totally an unknown person in Facebook but now, I am the admin of e-CAB group as well this Search English.

Anyway, I am writing this post to tell you one simple thing in life- if you want to achieve something then you have to try your best for a long time. There is no short cut in life.

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