A very long and hard fought Battle


e-CAB has been a very long and hard fought battle for me. I feel very tired these days as I hardly had any rest in the last 26 months. Some fights are worth fighting for. e-Commerce is now becoming an important industry in our economy.

Now, my fight is Search English. The good thing is that here, I am not alone and it is not an association. So, I do not have to face any vejal. My dream is very simple. I want to remove fear and shame among people about using English language. If one million young people can do it then there will be a huge change in our economy.

I have seriously started trying for Search English from 1 July 2016. The first 6 months are just for practicing. After that, we will after grammar and correction. We will never correct mistakes but we will create a lot of content about using English correctly. So, we will spend one year for creating content regarding English language (2017).

Then from 1 January 2018, we will focus on presenting the earning potentials of English language. No, we will not start training or coaching. We are not against coaching centers either.

There is huge potential in Bangladesh but we have more or less failed so far as we never took any initiative to start from zero. Search English is that initiative. We have started from zero and people can join us free of cost.

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