Action Speaks Louder than Words

Earlier today, Muna apu wrote a post in this group. She stated that while facing a job interview, she had to answer all the questions in English language. It really does not matter whether she will get the job or not. What matters is that Apu could do it. She could speak in English for one hour in real life situation. May be she became some nervous and afraid but she could do it and she is happy for it.

She has thanked me and Search English group. It has brought a lot of satisfaction to me. Some people make fun of me in Facebook and say bad thing about my effort to create a platform for young people to learn English. I do not get annoyed or angry anymore. Instead, I want to focus on bringing out success stories like Muna apu.

I have no plan or interest to become a leader, celebrity, idol or icon. Instead, I want to always remain a very simple and ordinary person like today. I have realized that God has given me a great gift- I can inspire others. I want to try for creating a good platform for young people. I dream of the time when every day, there will be a success story in this group. Muna Apu has just showed us that we can face the real world.

So, let us move forward. Let us face the real world. Let us try our best. Search English is already the best platform to learn English in the country. You do not have to pay any money. Some of us have started to get results or success and finally, it is a bhejal free platform.

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