Are you Serious about Your Dream?

I have been sitting almost continuously for the last 8 hours. I have been coordinating the effort to launch e-CAB Answer. This is a place where anyone can find answer of almost any question related to e-commerce. In the first stage, we want to find and upload the answers of One Thousand questions. AbUL Khayer vai and Mohan vai have worked for the last 4 days to make it ready or in other words, they have taken care of the technical part. Every night, I talked to them.

Today, it is the content part. Partho Pratim Majumder, S M Mehdi Hasan and Nazmul Hasan Majumdar vai have been working with me. We have been able to upload the answers of 17 questions in the first day.

Now, the platform is set and we can work for e-CAB answer. Many people tell me regularly that they cannot give time for studying English. Well, if becoming skilled in English is your dream then you have to give time.

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