Fear and Shame

The biggest obstacles of learning English in our country are fear and shame. We are always afraid if we are making mistakes. We are always worried if others will laugh at us when we speak or write. We feel ashamed to think that others might laugh at our mistakes. From our childhood, we develop a fear of English because many students fail in this subject.

This has become a national problem for us. We are too afraid to speak or write in English. Without practicing, how you can become skilled in anything! We only lose confidence if we are afraid and ashamed. We get the feeling that we are good for nothing. Whether you like it or not, English is an important skill for any educated person in our country.

Without English skills, you cannot get a good job, you cannot have a good career. You need to be skilled in English for your educational life. You need to become skilled in English even to teach your children now or in future. I mean, I do not need to write an essay about the importance of learning English in Bangladesh.

So, forget about fear and shame and start using English. Start writing comments and posts. This is the simply the first step. Just do it.

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