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Today, I am very tired. I slept only three hours last night. I went out in the morning at 9 AM and returned home at 9:30 PM. I have no interest to do anything. I simply do not want to write any post tonight as I am very tired. I have no energy. I am writing this post with my heart.
Why I am doing it? I have promised to all of you but more than to myself that I will try to write a long post every day in Search English group. I have to keep my promise. Many of you complain that you are very busy and you do not have any time.
Well, I am sure that you can easily give two hours a day. Forget television, chatting with your friends and forget Facebook. Just try to take two hours of time every day. It is possible. All you need is to have strong commitment to yourself.
You may not be able to give two hours continuously. What you can do is to give 30 minutes first and then again when possible give another 30 minutes. This is really possible Just forget everything for the next 30 minutes and write a few comments in this group.
I have sacrificed all kind of entertainment and comfort for the last 26 months. I did it because I wanted to try for e-CAB or e-commerce association. Now, this year, I will try my best for Search English. Earlier today, I went to A2I (Access to Information) Project under the Prime Minister’s person. Then one person asked me about Search English as he is in this group. I explained the basic philosophy behind this group. May be, next week, I will again go there.
These days, I talk to Munira apu all the time. I am seriously trying to brainwash her so that she also gives a lot of time and effort here. You see if we want to achieve something in life then we have to give a lot of time. Without it, you cannot achieve any success.
I can confidently claim that if you give time for Search English then you will become skilled in English sooner or later. It is just a matter of time of time. I would love to spend 8 hours a day here. Many of you spend a lot of time in Facebook. Spend the entire time in Search English. Write comments, read all the posts and try to write posts. It will bring good benefit for you within one year. You will have very good foundation of English language and it will help you for whole life.
A few minutes ago, I thought that I would not be able to write any long post tonight. But now, I am almost in the end. I am busier than all of you. I am always working for e-CAB. Still, I try to give time here. What is your excuse?

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