Have a Dream!

Have a Dream!
I have decided to write long posts from today. This is my such first post. I am going to do it almost every day from now.
There is no need to point out the importance of getting skilled in English language. We all know it and that is why, we are in this group. If we become skilled in English then it will change our lives be it education or career. Even in business, we often need it if our business is related to export or import.
Six months ago, many persons were doubtful about the group. But we have proved that we can write fluently once we forget our fear and shame. This is the most important success of this group. Now, many of you can write without any hesitation.
Now, every day, we have at least 100+ posts in this group. This is a very big achievement. We have at least 10 good writers here. Sadly, some of you are still worried about grammatical accuracy and vocabulary. I have consistently asked you not to worry about these two things. First, try to be fluent and try to be able to write 1000 words a day in this group.
After that, you can study grammar books and practice yourself. You will notice that if you try writing comments for 100 days then you will make fewer grammatical mistakes. Also, you will notice that you will catch many new words automatically. This is bound to happen because this is the nature of human language. We catch many things by reading writings of other persons, listening to others, reading books and watching videos.
After fear and shame, the main problem is hesitation and lack of confidence. When you do not have confidence in something, it becomes difficult to become successful in it. It is natural for anything in life. If you want to be a cricket player then you must have the dream that someday, you will play in national team. If you have that dream then you will be able to work hard. But if you are sure that you will not able to do anything in cricket then surely, you will lose motivation after a few weeks.
The same is true about English. You must have a dream to become highly skilled in it. You must have the dream that one day, you will become a top student in your class by using your English skills. If you are good in English then you will surely get a good job too in Bangladesh. It is the rule not the exception in our society.
From today, try to have the dream that you will become highly skilled in English. If you have this dream then it will help you try seriously. I always want Search English to become a popular and successful group. So, I try go give time and effort here regularly. I am a very busy person but still, I try my best.

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