I have a very Simple Dream

I want that all of you can remove your fear, shame and hesitation about using English. I always say that English is a language first not a subject of exam. So, please treat English this way. Use the language here. We have perhaps the best platform in the world in this regard. Here, you can speak and listen, read and write. Thus, at first, try to become fluent.
This is my only dream. What about grammar and accuracy. When you are very fluent, you can read a lot and practice a lot and become skilled in grammar too. It is going to be a matter of time. We will create a lot of content about grammar and practice a lot from January, hopefully. However, before that, please become fluent.
My dream is that English will help you in your studies. You will be able to read the books and understand more, write in your exams faster. You will speak better in your presentations.
My dream is that your English skill will help you in your career- especially in job exams. It will help you to become a skilled online freelancer.
Well, we have worked very hard to build a platform. Now, it is your turn to use it and get benefited. You do not have to spend any money.

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