I was very happy because Rima apu treated me

I was very happy because Rima apu treated me. She recently did very well in the final exam in the last semester. She got 29.5 out of 30 in an exam. The teacher praised her for her good performance. She has become now the top student in her class. Well, I am not happy with her because she has to improve a lot.
Today, instead of praising her, I told her that she must spend more time at Search English. She has to read and write more. She must write in our website too.
Munira Apu also joined her as Moni apu is dosto dosto gosto with Rima apu 😀. Moni apu also supported me. I hope that Rima apu will be a good research subject for Moni apu.
I want this to happen to anyone who regularly gives time in Search English. If you are a private university student then you have to study in English. You have to read books written in English language. You have to write in English in your exams. So, if you study in BBA, skill of English language is a must.
I am hopeful that Search English help many students like Rima apu. Slowly, I can realize that it is possible. The hard work is finished. Now, it is time of Moni apu to support me with her research.
We have to go a long way here. But I am hopeful for the future. The last 6 months had been used in building the base. Now, we will move to the next phase.
Rima apu is a very good girl but she must spend more time here. She is still young and she can do many things. I am hopeful that in future she will become a university teacher. Best of luck to her.

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