Imagine and Dream

Now-a-days, every night, I find someone trying to complete writing 50 or 100 comments. For example, last night it was Sadid bhai and tonight, Emran Rahman Amin vai trying to do that. Tomorrow, someone else may do it. Sometimes, it becomes impossible to keep track of this group as it gets too many comments within just 5-10 seconds. The group is very active now and there are many posts and too many comments every hour.

How is it possible? English is supposed to be the toughest subject for us. The highest number of students fail in English in our public exams. We are always afraid of it and we just try to memorize. Most of us simply almost hate to read anything in English language. Writing something is out of the question. But here in Search English, we are doing the opposite. No one is forced to do anything here. You have not given any money to us. Also, you do not get any certificate from us either. Still, some of you are writing comments whole night. How is it possible? It simply does not happen anywhere else in Bangladesh.

It has been possible because many of us have stated to accept the idea that English is just a language and we should simply use it. We should forget that it is a subject to pass and many of you agree with me. So, you have been able to remove fear, shame and hesitation from your mind. This simple idea has changed everything. Now, you even enjoy reading a post and writing a comment below it. You also enjoy learning new words. You can see that your reading comprehension skill has started to improve. You can understand much more compared to just one month ago.

It is obviously very clear that many of now spend many hours in Search English group. You are no longer addicted to wasting time in Facebook but you have become addicted to Search English group. Suddenly, Facebook has become an important source of using your time in a very good way.

So, I would like you to imagine that you will really become skilled in English within one year. But before that you have to enjoy your time here, you have to feel comfortable. You have to practice a lot.

This is an informal Facebook group. It is not a classroom or learning center. The only thing I want from you is that you start to dream like I do. I believe in my dream that anyone who will spend a lot of time here will become very fluent in English within one year. I work very hard for my dream. Now, it is your time to start in your dream and try seriously for it.


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