It works, It Really Works

Within the next few hours, Search English group is going to have 6000 members. We feel happy and satisfied to note that all the regular persons in skype adda and in this group have seen one very big improvement- they are not afraid of using English any more. They have no hesitation now to speak and they have no hesitation to write comments. It will help them forever not in using English language but it will help them to become confident in learning anything.
We need this kind of confidence in our heart because it helps to move forward in life with peace and calm. We badly need it but most of us fail to get in our entire life. All the time, there are many people all around you saying that you cannot do something and you will never achieve it. We live in a country where English is a must in education and in jobs. We may like or hate English but we simply cannot avoid it.
I dream that many of you will start becoming addicted to English language and stick with us for one year. This platform is only 46 days or one and a half month old. We have achieved a lot within such a short time. Can you imagine what we can do if we stay here for one year?
I can imagine- English will become your major strength in life.

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