Just one Good post a Day

After 5 months of trying, e-Commerce World has finally become a group about e-commerce, business, economy and technology. I am satisfied with the group. Good posts are coming but we lack comments. Anyway, my dream is that we will make it as one of the best business groups in Facebook. So, I request all of the regular writers to write just one post every day. Spend one hour for writing a post. Try to wtie around 300 words, think a lot, search and read about it- then write it.
Why am I asking you to do it? After all, I am the one who all the time insisted that you must write 5-6 posts a day. I even give a post about anyone who can write 10 posts in a single day. For writing practice, we have another group called Search English and write as many posts as you like. However, here, I want you to write only one post a day. It is not an order or rule but just an advice.
You see, already, many e-commerce entrepreneurs have joined this group. They will be looking for talented and skilled workers and freelancers. They will look for business partners and business opportunities. Therefore, you have a very good opportunity to showcase your talent and knowledge about e-commerce.
So, write one quality post a day and try to write 10 comments. Do it every day for one year and you will see the progress.

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