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I write many posts in a month to encourage others. It is not easy to motivate others about learning English. I am the main figure or teacher of this group, skype adda and Search English website. My dream is to ensure that many persons will become skilled in English language without spending any money. At first, my dream was simple- a person must be able to speak one hour fluently and write 1000 words in a single day in English.

It has been achieved by 10-15 persons in our skype adda now. So, now, my dream is that they will become skilled in English grammar. It will take time- I know it very well. We must not give up our dream. Now, my dream is that slowly, the regular participants will become better. The main problem is that I cannot find them at the same time. If I found them at the same time in Skype, I could guide them better.

What next? I hope that some of the early starters will be with me until the end of the year. Search English will become one of the most visited websites in the country by that time. The regular writers will become well known to many people- no doubt.

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