My Dream

The group has now 10,000+ members and also, our Alexa ranking indicates that we are becoming a well visited website in Bangladesh. Yes, success is on the way for the four of us who set up this group, Skype adda and Search English website. As for me, this will be a great success story that will bring a lot of name, fame and may be fortune too. However, this success will surely be meaningless if you cannot improve.

I dream that all of the regular participants of our skype adda will become a real success story. They will be able to speak English fluently, write English well and they will be able to use English skills in their career. I want them to spend one year with us and work hard. I know that all of them will shine by the end of one year.

Frankly, I was frustrated even one month ago as most people were not regular. Now, I can find 4-5 regular persons and they are improving in a good way. I know that there are many people out there who are desperately searching for such a platform. We just need to find them as well they need to find us.

I am trying my best for my dream what about you?

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