My Profit?

My Profit?
From the first day of this group, some people were curious to know my benefit about this group. Why am I giving all the time without charging any money? I wanted to build a platform. As for money, it is not tough to earn money even by giving free everything. Just look at Facebook. It is giving us everything free of cost. The same can be said about Google too. Yahoo gives you a lot.
Well, it is useless to argue with bhejal people. They just think others are like them. Fortunately, I have been able to convince many persons that I do not have any secret motive behind Search English group. It will be always free for all of you. Instead, I am trying to add more value to this group.
We are doing research on finding an alternative to skype for voice conversation. Mohan vai, Khayer vai and Sifat are doing this research.
Munira apu is doing research on improving your writing. I am guiding her.
Shakir vai, Shohel vai and Shibly bhai are writing in e-CAB blog about affiliate marketing but it will help all of you a lot in content writing field.
As for money, I have a plan to introduce a donation method where anyone who likes to donate any amount of money will be able to do it through a BKASH number or bank account. Again, it is totally 100% voluntary and will not give you any extra facility.
We may also introduce advertisement in our website. Anyway, right now, we are not concerned about earning money. Instead, we are focusing on making the platform effective for the users. Now, the group is very active. We just need to be more focused on improving our quality in writing. We can now read and write faster. We just need to make better use of our website and have better reading content.
I have got immense profit from this group already. I have seen my dream come true. I value it a lot. I have sacrificed my life for e-commerce association of Bangladesh (e-CAB). It has become very good platform.
I have the same dream about Search English. I know that I can easily make a lot of money here but my dream is not to become rich here. My dream is that I will see English becomes an industry in our country and it will change lives of many educated individuals. That day, I will get my real profit.

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