No bhejal, No marketing: Just practice

Search English has now 6,000 members. It is growing very rapidly. More than that, we have started to see some posts from our members indicating that they are not afraid to speak or write in job interviews. When we started the group some people told me that it would not become successful as Bangladeshi people are not eager to write in English online.

We did not go for any kind of marketing in Facebook or classified websites like Bikroy. Instead, we just tried to use our own Facebook profile to spread the message. Why Search English has become so popular and active?

First of all, there is no bhejal here. We try to respect everyone and we are friendly. As a result, our members feel happy and spend their time. From first, I have told you that our main problem is that we are afraid of English. Fear and shame are the two main problems. So, let us have a friendly atmosphere here. We have come here to practice English not fight or not to prove that I am right or you are wrong.

Secondly, we never try to do any kind of marketing in this group. We do not try to sell anything or do any kind of propaganda. We just want that you focus on practicing English.

Now-a-days, I am very busy and I cannot give time like past. The good thing is that many of you have become active and that is why, I do not need to spend so much time like past.

Now, every week, someone is writing about their improvement. Well, I am happy but remember that you have a long way to go. Please, try to stay here for one year at least. It will help you for your whole life.

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