One Month of your Time

I have totally cut back on my Facebook activities from today. I am not writing comments or even replying comments. I have cut back on the number of posts. For the next one month or even two months, I want to try for my health. Slowly, I will come back to normal activities but I will not do anything extreme anymore. Anyway, this post is not about me but about you. I want you to try for English seriously for one month- August 2016. There is only one target or goal for all of you- overcome your fear, shame, hesitation, shyness or any negative attitude about English language.

Do you know how I could try so much for e-CAB in the last 21 months? It is because I believed in my dream. 21 Months ago, it was just a dream that some of us announced in Facebook first and then in National Press Club. So, the first thing that you must do is that you have to believe in your dream. You have to believe that English is just a language like Bangla and you can use it. Forget what others say, just listen to your heart.

If you are weak then for the first 10 days just focus on writing comments. Write as many comments as possible. These days, we have around 40 posts per day in the group. So, you do not even need to search for posts anywhere else. This group is enough. If you are not weak and you feel that you can write posts then spend one or two hours to write a post. Try to make the post at least 300 words long or if possible write 500 words.

Here, no one can laugh at you. Do not bother about mistakes but just focus on writing. You have many readers here. So, it is not a lonely process anymore. The number of readers is increasing day by day and soon, we will have 5000 members.

The main goal is that within this one month, you will be able to write 1000 words in English and that should not take more than 3 hours of time. It is possible and Partho Protim Majumder bhai has already proved it.

It is a free platform and whatever you can gain is all yours. If you can get rid of fear and shame then you can move forward with happiness, comfort and confidence. Even if you are skilled in writing like Raima Apu, still you should seriously practice writing because you have a huge audience who love to appreciate quality writing.

So, please spend one month with us. Try to give at least 4 hours of time for writing in English. Try to write one quality post and at least 10 comments a day. Within just one month, you will not be afraid of English writing anymore. For this, you do not to spend any money, not even one taka or one dollar.

Do you agree with me?

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