Partho Pratim Mazumder: The Real Challenge Begins

We all have become big fan of Partho Protim Majumdar vai. He has written I think more than 500 posts in the last 3 months. He now can write fast, he now can write about any actress or Nayika. We make fun of him but at the same time, we praise his effort. Yes, he has reached to a level- we all are sure about it. However, the real challenge has started now. Until now, we have been with him and now, he will have to walk alone.

I have made a list of books for him. Partho vai will read the books, translate, solve the exercise, answer the questions, write summary etc. From time to time, he will share his experience about the books. It is more or less a very lonely task but if he can keep the patience then it will be a life changing experience for him. He will become skilled in English grammar in the best way. It may take just 5 months or one year but I am sure that Partho vai will continue the journey as he wants to become a professional content writer.

Actually, the process of earning money is very simple and straight forward. You are skilled in writing and you want to sell your skill- end of the story. But before that, you need to have solid foundation. Partho vai is now trying for that. If he can continue for the next 11 months then he will surely be someone in life. The next five months are really crucial for him.

Partho vai will be writing fewer posts from now and will spend a lot of time studying English books. What is my benefit? I have got huge benefit. I have developed a theory or model of English teaching. I have also seen that my theory works in the best level if someone is willing to work hard and give time. After all, Partho vai is a HSC pass man and he is still weak in English.

So, let us hope for the best for Partho vai.

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