Practice Can increase Your Speed

It takes only 5-10 minutes of time for me to write a post in Facebook. I normally write around 200 words in a post. I can type fast and I can think fast too. Many people do not want to believe this matter as they cannot do it. Well, what they do not realize that behind it, there is 18 years of effort and practice.

I published my first article in newspaper in 1994 in Daily Ittefaq. Since January 1998, I have been writing regularly. That is why, I can write so fast now.

Actually, if you do something regularly and if you are serious about it then you can do it better and faster. It is a very simple rule of life. Do not go after short cut. You can gain for the time being but in the long run, you will not be able to become skilled in something.

Skill is more important than anything else- even money. We just forget this simple matter in life. Sadly, we all the time just equate success with money. Of course, money is important but skill is even more important.

So, try to be skilled and only then you will become successful.

It has taken 5 minutes of time to write this post.

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