Shipra Debnath: Against all Odds

I am very happy to see the improvement of Shipra Debnath apu. She has been trying a lot for the last 3 and a half months. She does not have any desktop or laptop and she does not have a lot of free time either. Still, she has tried her best and if she can continue this way then she will have bright future.
I felt very happy after reading her comment:
Yes bro you are absolutely right after follow this group many of us in this case i want to including only me improving day by day ands its happened naturally. trust me or not few days ago i couldn’t wrrite one sentence in english for my fear and hasition but when following you,your advise,your inspirational post,your lovely search english group, naturally i am forgetting my all fear,shyness now i can also wrrite something in english with a lot of fallibility. but its a matter of great regret i get little bit time to practice here sometimes i badly miss my preactice session. when i feel free that i try to come this group and try to my level best put comments in this group.this group is really helpful for us as usual as our future dream.thanks a lot bro for creat such like an amzing platform for us where we are practicing with spontaneously:)

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