Show me the money, job, freelancing, and business but not the Skill

I am one of the most active persons in Facebook in this country. I do not know of any other person who writes so many posts and comments. I basically write to inspire young people about becoming skilled in something. We all want money, good job or become successful in business. There is nothing wrong in it and if someone says that he or she does not have this goal then either they are mad or they are lying.

It is natural to dream for money and jobs but the problem is that we do not try for becoming skilled in something. We do not like this part. We have a wrong notion that a good result or CGPA is enough. Good result is good but not great or not enough. It is not enough because you are not the only one who has it. Secondly, many of us focus on memorizing notes and after exams this skill has no relevancy in our career.

Many young people in our country have lost the mindset to work hard and acquire a skill. If I start posting about earning money through Internet, e-commerce, blogging, SEO, Freelancing etc then obviously thousands of people will start joining the group. But I know very well that 90% of them will fail to earn any money simply because they do not have the knowledge and skill.

This group is not about earning money. It is about learning and practicing English language. Try to become fluent first and then learn grammar yourself. After that, focus on becoming skilled on something by using your English skills. It may sound like a long journey but this is the guaranteed way- believe me, it is.

Finally, the money is having a skill not in short cut.

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