The best way to fight against Depression

Just do the following things and you will feel some better.

We feel depressed because of basically 2-3 reasons- failure in love, unemployment and extreme poverty, unhappiness and in family and poor performance in education. 95% of cases related to depression are somehow connected to the 4 things mentioned above.

I have noticed that three things help me a lot:

  1. When I am sad then I try to read the books that inspire me and watch the movies that give me some mental peace. I suffered some serious bhejal and health breakdown during 2011-14. I watched many movies during these 4 years. I read many inspiring texts, watched many videos in youtube. It helped me a lot.
  2. I like to go out for a walk and observe people in the street, streets, parks, lakes etc. Most people love to watch rich people and fancy cars. I also do it too but at the same time I also try to see the condition of poor people. The street children are trying to sell something or get some money through begging. We get annoyed with them but the reality is that they do not want to sell or beg at this age. Instead, they want to play and go to school and enjoy life. There are some people who do not have a leg or a hand or cannot see (blind). We are more fortunate than them.
  3. Finally, I like to donate some amount of money almost every day. I am not rich but I surely can donate 1 taka or 2 taka per day. It does not take 100 taka to give a poor child in the street an ice cream or a chocolate. Try it and you will see a lot of happiness in that child’s face.

Finally, your depression is real and it will not simply go away but bad times do not stay forever. What is needed is that you can stay calm and confident during tough times.

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