There are many long posts and comments in Search English

I am happy today because I have noticed that there are many long posts and comments in Search English. We have stopped approving one sentence posts, translation and mcq posts since 1 January and at first, I was worried about the activity of the group. I am happy that I do not need to worry anymore. Now, the group is very active.
Why do I care about the activity? When we see that this group is very active then we feel connected with it. Also, we have more reading materials. I personally read many comments every day. I read because I get new ideas and information. I am sure that you also have the same experience.
We write many posts and read them. We write and read many comments every day. We encourage each other, we get inspired from people like Ruman vai oir Shipra apu. They do not have any facility but they never complain. Instead, they are working hard to learn English. They are becoming skilled very fast. If they can continue here for just one more year then naturally, they will improve a lot. I want many success stories like them. It was my dream that anyone who spends time here regularly will have real improvement and I can say that so far, the success rate is 100%.
The only advice I want to give you is that please, be regular. This platform is now growing and it will have many success stories in 2017 and in 2018, it will be one of the best platforms in the world. It is not my credit. It is happening because many of you have joined hands together.
So, please be regular because if you want to have real result then you must be regular.
It is you who are doing it. So, be serious and be regular. Try your best. If you can become skilled and can use it for getting better results in your exams and also getting jobs then Search English will become a real platform. Let us all try for that.

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