Time and Tide wait for None

Almost every day, someone knocks me in Facebook and tells me that they are weak in English but they need for their job exams. I advise them to spend 4-5 hours in Search English group, write 30 comments a day and read as many posts as possible.

Hardly anyone listens to my advice. I am not annoyed, angry or sad about it. I am doing my work and I am trying to make this group successful. I try so hard that sometimes I get sick. Abul Khayer vai is taking care of skype adda and he is doing it every night. It is a very tough work.

Partho Pratim Majumdar vai is very active and he tries to spend 10 hours a day. Search English is moving forward and we are moving forward. Now, many people now about us and at the same time, we are becoming more skilled. We can now write faster, speak better and we are not afraid of English anymore.

Some of us have really got benefited but many of us are not getting benefited simply because we are not giving enough time. It is up to you.

Just remember that your age is only increasing and time and tide wait for none. If you do not give time and effort then you cannot improve. A very simple lesson.

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