Why am I against correcting mistakes?

I have to answer this question at least twice a month. I am perhaps repeating the same thing again in this post. From first, I have kept on stating that all of you should try to speak fluently first. If I try to stop you each time you make a mistake then believe me you won’t be able to speak even more than 10 seconds at a stretch.

In same way, if I make a rule that all of must first learn grammar and only then you will be able to post here then there will be hardly any post from anyone.

A baby utters the first word at the age of 18 months (more or less I think). The child goes to school at around the age of 5-6. At first, they learn the alphabet. Grammar comes in class 3-4 and we learn most of the rules by class 8 (at the age of 13-14).

English is a compulsory subject for students in Bangladesh from class one to HSC (Class 12). From class 6 onwards, we have to study two papers of English (first paper and second paper). Have you ever thought that why you could not become skilled in grammar despite studying for so many years? Simply because you never practiced English writing seriously.

I can teach you grammar every day. Even more than that, there are many websites, books and YouTube videos in this regard. You even do not need my direction or guidance. Just buy 2-3 books from the market about English grammar and study day and night. You already did that when you were in school or college, didn’t you? So, do it again and check if you can become skilled in grammar.

You failed because of two reasons. First of all, grammar is boring. We tend to forget the things that we feel bored and we remember the interesting things in life. Secondly, without having the ability to use a language fluently, it is almost impossible to remember the rules of grammar. Yes, there are exceptions but exceptions are exceptions not rules.

Finally, all of you who have given time have seen real improvement and you are not afraid of English language any more. Keep on trying and some day you will not be afraid of English grammar either.

first published in e-Commerce World on 11 June

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