Why do I care?


Without spending any money for marketing, Search English is growing rapidly. Many of you already know that I am the president of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh or e-CAB and I have to spend most of my time there. Otherwise, Search English would have become more active and have more members. May be, by now, we would have at least 7500 members.

Anyway, this group is heading towards huge success and it will happen very soon. It will become a very famous group in the country and our website will also become very popular. To be honest, it has reached to a position that I do not need to bother so much about the improvement of the participants. Instead, I can just focus on marketing the group and getting more and more members.

Anyway, I really do not want to go for that path where I will be only concerned about the growth of the group and get money and fame. Instead, I try my best to ensure that you can improve. Your improvement is the number one thing in my mind and I really care for that.

Why do I care about you? I care because you are a human being just like me and you have joined this group because you need to improve your English language skills. If you are good at English then you will do well in your exams. You will have better grades. If you are good at English then the chance of getting a good job increases- at least in Bangladesh. In short, you will have a better life.

That is why, I care and that is why I try my best for this group. I tried in the level that I became sick. I have already got my success here. Search English has already become one of the most active groups in Bangladesh within just one month. It is a vejal free platform- perhaps the best in the country. You can practice English and spend as much time as possible.

So, I request you to care for Search English in the same level as I do. If you care for your improvement then try your best and give a lot of time.

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