Why do I encourage you so much?

Just 18 months ago, some people laughed at me in Facebook and in real life because I try to encourage others. It is a part of my natural instinct. I have seen magical improvements to a number of people who have spent one year of time with me. The formula is very simple. I ask them to practice speaking for 1 month and then I ask them to start writing just 25 word long comments in blogs and Facebook posts. By the end of the second month, they can write around 1000 words a day. I also ask them to watch movies to develop their listening skill.
From the 3rd month onward, I ask them read a lot and read anything they like online. Thus, by the end of the third month, they start to feel confident and start to dream about the future. Then I ask them to just continue doing the thing that they are doing. Thus, they develop fluency and also a genuine habit and interest about using and practicing English language.
Thus, by the end of the sixth month, they improve significantly and then they start practicing grammar. This is my formula and I am testing it here. I have already noticed significant improvement for a number of persons within just 3 months. If they can continue with me for another 9 months, I am confident that most of them will write in newspapers and magazines in both Bangla and English. Some of them will become content writers and some of them will improve a lot in their university education no matter which subject they are studying.
It is up to you whether you like to be with me or not. However, if anyone stays with me for one long year will surely become attached to me for whole life. I am not charging any money for my teaching and guidance. I am not concerned how many of you will stay with me until December 31, 2016. I am just concerned that whoever stays with me can shine in their education and career. After all, we are a band of brothers.

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