Writing is a Lonely Work

Now, all of the regular participants in Skype adda can speak more or less fluently. No one is afraid or ashamed to speak in English anymore. It is a very big success for all of us. We could achieve it because we are acting like a team. We are moving forward hand in hand like a unit. I have noticed that it takes around one month of time to be able to speak English fluently. If you can stay with us for 3 months then be sure you will be able to speak not only fluently but also confidently.

Now, we are trying for writing. Of course, writing is tougher and it is a lonely work. However, let us try to act like a team and write comments in one another’s posts. If we can do it then we will become fluent in writing too.

After the regular participants become fluent in writing, we will try to become skilled in grammar. The basic idea is that we become fluent in speaking and writing and then we try to learn grammar and improve our accuracy.

We try to support and encourage each other. This is the most important thing and always remember it.

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